Sidr Doa’ni Honey عسل السدر دواني

Nectar Source:

Wild Sidr Flowers.


It has a sweet, delicious and marvelous taste with butterscotch and caramel notes. It has medium to dark amber color.                         

Where is Sidr Doa’ni Honey Extracted From?

Do’ani Sidr Honey is Yemeni honey that is the purest type out there sidr tree; grow within the State of Yemen in some Yemeni governorates. It’s together with Gully Doan, set within the west of the Yemeni town of had about the region of southern or doan within the hadramout. Several Sidr Trees that grow in. The remote depression is referred to as gully doan that is legendary for the assembly of luxurious Sidr Honey.

About Yemeni Doa’ni Honey

Yemeni Sidr Doa’ni raw kind of honey one of the most effective varieties of honey within the world which customers rush to shop for and demand is Yemeni Sidr Honey. Sidr Honey is taken into account as one of the most effective varieties of Natural Yemeni Honey. Thought-about they’re a species of thorns to grow in valleys, deserts, arid lands. Also, they grow within the mountains and conjointly the mountains close. Do’ani Honey is therefore special sort of Sidr Honey Yemen. In our topic, we are going to speak not solely concerning the qualities of Sidr honey however conjointly the honey edges of Yemeni Do’ani Sidr Honey.

Characteristics and Qualities:

Do’ani Honey conjointly has several qualities, together with the color of dark brown honey. The density of the honey is high and it's very delicious. Its aroma and health-promoting because of the distinctive quality of honey. Also, includes several therapeutic edges of vitamins, sugars, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants because of its marvelous style beguiling aroma helpful for men, women, and youngsters, and health-promoting edges.

Advantages of Yemeni Sidr Doa’ni Honey:

The luxurious Yemen Sidr Honey could be a distinctive and distinctive sort of honey. it's in style to be used altogether countries of the globe due, wherever bees inhale the nectar of Sidr trees and turn out natural Sidr Honey. However, raw Yemeni Sidr Doani honey is taken into account one amongst the very best costs of honey within the world. Also, rare raw Sidr Honey as a result of the traditional sidr tree grows solely at specific times within the year.  

Benefits of Yemeni Sidr Doa’ni:

Yemeni Sidr is legendary for potent is characterized by several potent healthful properties and therapeutic edges. It's a healthy and nutrient food and additional biological process supplements. Among the advantages of Yemeni Sidr, Doa’ni is that it carries heaps of vitamins, which makes it one of the distinctive preventive medical treatments. It heals skin infections and alternative natural medication. It conjointly has several wonderful edges, and these square measure the foremost vital.

  • Treating biological process problems: feeding it frequently helps stop the expansion of harmful bacterium within the bowel
  • For beauty and complexion: once used frequently, it helps stop aerophilic stress and premature skin aging
  • For healthy gums and teeth: Helps treat and shield periodontal disease, because of its anti-bacterial properties
  • Immunity booster: It contains a particular sort of immune cell within the body that facilitates stop the expansion of bacterium that cause sore throats and congestion.
  • Speed up the healing of wounds and burns: Doa’ni Honey helps speed up the healing of burns and accelerates wound healing
  • Anti-allergic: Doa’ni honey has a good anti-allergic effect.