About Us

At Habat Al Barakah Herbs & Honey Tr. LLC, our mission is to share raw, natural, and organic products. Through our products, we aim to raise awareness for environmental issues, inspire ethical practices, and give back to nature. Our aim is to promote healthy products & make it affordable for everyone.

We like to think of ourselves as the go-to brand for quality raw honey. Honey that’s produced sustainably, harvested ethically, and delivered with love.

Directly from hives to you

In an age of e-shopping and frozen foodstuffs, there’s nothing quite like receiving a jar of organic, handcrafted, hand-packaged honey that’s been delivered straight to your door.

Our commitment to producing an honest, eco-friendly and healthy product means we closely monitor every stage of the process, from harvesting of honey to packaging and finally storing, ensuring the highest quality. Our honey is cold extracted from the bee hives without any heat applied to it.


Our team of  beekeepers do everything by themselves and don’t use extraction machinery, with the honey poured, unheated and raw into suitable/food-quality containers, preserving its organic form that not only give us its special taste but retains its healing characteristics as well.

Our Organic Commitment

At Habat Al Barakah Herbs & Honey Tr. LLC, we are committed to maintaining sustainable, organic production methods. That means that we don’t, and will never use pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful chemicals.

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown the harm that industrial insecticides and herbicides can do to bee populations, which is why we keep things simple and natural.

Our Promise

When you buy honey, we know that you are looking for a 100% pure product that gives you all the benefits that nature intends-, which is why we follow a process that retains all the benefits of Organic Honey. Our honey is guaranteed to be the purest and most delicious, better than anything else that you will get. If you are looking for the purest type of honey, then Royal Organics is something that you cannot afford to miss.