Sidr Honey عسل السدر


Nectar Source: Wild Sidr flowers

Color: Brown reddish color


It’s a honey with rich, lavish and divine fruity taste.


  • Sidr berries are extremely nutritious.
  • This honey is particularly good in aiding liver problems, stomach problems, and respiratory infections.
  • It helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Due to its low glycemic index ranking it may help in balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Suitable for adults and athletes.

What is Sidr Honey?

Sidr Honey is among the finest variants of honey in the world. It comes with a distinctive taste, and is rich in nutrients. This variant is extracted from the nectar of the Sidr/Lote tree flowers, which is also called as Jujube. The fruits of the tree have high-energy content, its leaves are protein rich and its leaves are rich in nutrients such as Iron, Calcium and Magnesium. This is a 100% natural type of honey- for no chemicals or synthetic additions are involved, and neither is any machinery used. This honey is considered sacred in many religions.

The benefits of Sidr honey are numerous- it is beneficial in stomach ulcers, liver ailments, diseases due to malnutrition, eye diseases, surgical wounds, boost the immune system, digestion, arthritis, fatigue, cough and colds, sore throat, constipation, bladder infection, antiseptic, pimples, skin infection and a host of other issues. As a natural antibacterial and antibiotic agent, the benefits of including Sidr Honey in your diet are a lot more than just the ones mentioned. In order to all the benefits of Sidr Honey- know what brand to purchase and ensure that you get the purest form.